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The Distillery

Founded in 1945, the Difrulux Distillery has continually modernized by accumulating know-how essential to the production of high-quality alcohols .

Our store offers you a wide range of brandies, as well as other products such as wines and liqueurs, which you can taste before making your choice according to your tastes.

Located not far from the Müllerthal , in the heart of the picturesque Little Switzerland of Luxembourg , 5 minutes by car from the town of Echternach and 25 minutes from the capital Luxembourg.

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LUX'US s.à r.l. was founded in 2022 by FANTINI Patrick and his wife FANTINI-MARINKOVIC Sarah.

A hobby became a vocation, and the couple took over the Distillery in January 2023.

The name LUX'US represents high quality, that's why our ingredients are high quality and regional to achieve the best result.

Our products are ,,Made in Luxembourg''.


technical manager


administrative manager


Customer checker, loyal, likes to sniff flowers and addicted to cuddles



New member of the ,,Paw Patrol''.

Likes to play, do mischief and also addicted to cuddles

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