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Work process

The fruits


At the heart of our 70-hectare estate, we passionately grow our own fruit , a practice rooted in our ancestral know-how.

It is through constant dedication to quality that we manage to offer unparalleled spirits .

Our fruits are carefully picked when ripe , thus preserving their natural fructose and exquisite taste.


Each sip of our creations evokes the very essence of our terroir, capturing the richness of our estate and the harmonious marriage between tradition and innovation


At Difrulux , our commitment to quality begins with the picking.

Immediately afterwards, our fruits are delicately pressed in traditional presses, thus preserving their freshness and natural aromas.

The resulting juice is meticulously fermented in the shortest possible time.

We pay particular attention to each step, from pressing to fermentation , aware of the determining impact of these processes on the final quality of our eau-de-vie.


It is a meticulous ballet that takes place over a period of three weeks to four months. This fermentation period is essential to release the unique aromas and flavors that characterize our spirits .

Every moment of this process is a promise of quality and authenticity in every drop we create.



At Difrulux , the art of distillation meticulously transforms the fruit of our harvest into spirits of exceptional quality.

Alcohol, the result of the natural fermentation of sugars present in fruits, is a precious heritage of fructose and glucose.

Our distillation process, orchestrated in our 4 stills of 200 to 400 liters , is a dance of flavors and characters. Each compound, carefully linked to alcohol, is precisely sorted to extract the very essence of the fruit.

The fundamental principle of distillation relies on the differentiated volatility of these compounds, an alchemy that takes approximately 120 minutes to reveal the volatile substances that give our brandy their distinct bouquet.

Each distilled drop is a work of art, a legacy of our passion for excellence.

The production

At Difrulux , the refinement of our spirits reaches its peak in the subtle art of mixing .

The last step, crucial for the creation of our liqueurs, consists of combining pure alcohol with other substances. With many years of experience, we meticulously select these ingredients , determine the ideal proportions, and specify the maturation time necessary to obtain balanced mixtures .

Every detail counts, from the quantities of sugar, syrup, fruit juice to honey, carefully measured to sweeten our creations.


At every step, our liquor expert ensures the perfection of taste and aroma , carefully monitoring each process. The great Difrulux liqueurs are not the result of chance, but the result of expertise accumulated over the seasons. These blends, true homemade recipes , are kept secret, adding a mysterious and unique touch to each sip of our creations.

The conditioning


At Difrulux , the final touch of our creations is brought to our premises, where our eaux-de-vie and liqueurs are carefully bottled .

We pay particular attention to presentation, and our creations are nestled in original bottles designed by creative designers.


We offer the possibility of designing personalized packaging , adapted to the specific projects of our clients . Imagine exceptional fruit-shaped bottles, hand-blown, company logos, and much more.

Every day, we face the challenge of meeting the unique expectations of our customers .


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