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LUX'US Gin sans Alcool.png

Wildberry Aperitif

LUX'US Classic
,,Gin'' without alcohol

Our must-have products

Gin Trilogie 50cl.png

Immerse yourself in excellence with our must-have products . Creations designed to dazzle your senses.

Explore our carefully selected range which embodies the pinnacle of our distilling expertise.

Our essential collection is distinguished by its refinement, its unique character and its incomparable taste.


At Difrulux, excellence is our standard, and our must-have products are a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality. Each drop is a celebration of the art of distillation, an invitation to discover the very essence of Difrulux.


Your personalized product

Taufe, Kommunion (72 x 63.5 mm)(5).png
Taufe, Kommunion (72 x 63.5 mm)(2).png

We offer you the possibility of personalizing your product for memorable occasions such as weddings, baptisms, and others.

Explore our exclusive empty bottle showroom , offering a variety from classic to more surprising shapes. You have complete freedom to choose the container that matches your vision. When it comes to content, our wide range of products allows you to create a completely personalized experience.

From the choice of content to the bottle, to the engraving or personalized label, at Difrulux we do everything we can to bring your vision to life.


Make every event an unforgettable moment with our tailor-made creations, because at Difrulux, personalization goes beyond words , it is savored with every sip.

Taufe, Kommunion (72 x 63.5 mm)(3).png
Taufe, Kommunion (72 x 63.5 mm)(1).png

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